Picture analysis of a picture of a roof

Hello everybody, we know that it has been a couple weeks since we have shared anything with you guys but today we want to talk to you about this picture we Hare to share. As you can tell above, this is a picture analysis of a roof. We chose to show you a roof today because we want to be able to teach you about how to take the best home improvement shots.  These are good pictures to take because they can generate you a lot of money. If one of your pictures makes it into a home improvement magazine then you are golden.

As you can see in the roof above, we chose to show you a tile roof In this picture because it is the most aesthetically pleasing roof that there is. Something like that is going to look a lot better than just a normal shingle roof. So that is good that step one has been taken care of in that you now have a good looking roof in your shot. The next thing you want to focus on when taking a picture of a roof is the house itself. You want to make sure that the house the roof is on is beautiful home as well. Nobody is going to want to look at a picture of a roof if the house is not good looking as well. You need everything in the photo to complement each other just right.

The next thing to focus on when taking a picture of a roof after you have the roof itself and the house dialed in, you now want to focus on the landscape and the background. What we mean by this is the yard that is around the property. This is going to bring out the true beauty in the roof. The yard is everything when it comes to bringing out the aesthetic appeal in things. Without a good looking landscape, house, and a perfect yard, the roof shot that you want to get will not be able to look as good as it possibly can. It takes all three to tie in together perfectly to get the right picture.

We have to give the credit to our friends over at www.designconceptsma.com for the picture by providing the roof that they installed.


Photography and different types of cameras

We are back at it with another post for you guys and today we wanted to talk to you about photography and the different types of cameras. We would like to stress in this post that you do not have to have an amazing camera to be a great photographer. A lot of people  I think that all it takes is a very expensive camera and you will be a professional photographer but there is so much more to it than that. In this post we are going to be talking to you about the different cameras you can use and what effects they have on pictures.

Different cameras you can use for photography 

The vintage camera-using this type of camera is going to give you the most old style looking shots and make your pictures look very vintage and unique. These types of cameras use the technology that they had back in the early 1900s and those cameras  tended to take very Chris photos but they were only in black-and-white.  This type of camera is for somebody that wants to take that type of photo that looks like it is old style.  It is very hard to get your hands on in original vintage camera which is why they have remakes now. They have vintage cameras that are upgraded to be modern so that you can upload the pictures off of it onto your computer. It is also left pretty original so that you can  develop old fashion photos if you want to as well.

The modern/expensive camera-there are a lot of new cameras that are being developed out there that are taking some of the coolest and most  Chris pictures you have ever seen. This is because these cameras have a very high resolution in their wins and tend to shoot in about 15 megapixels. That’s not really going to do much for you as in the higher the megapixels go, it’s kind of just a number. The better part about these cameras is they have  Image stabilization, so you are not going to have to stay very still and need to get at very hard angles. These cameras basically take all the work out of being a photographer that you would’ve had to do otherwise. We think that that makes being a photographer boring though because it takes all the fun out with the camera doing all the work for you.

Your smart phone camera-cameras are getting so good on smart phones these days that you probably don’t even need to go out and buy an expensive camera anymore. This makes it so that anybody can practically become a photographer. iPhones are even shooting video in 4K resolution. We have seen some  of the best pictures come from an iPhone camera. Smart phones are really focusing on quality with their cameras as most of them are about 10 to 20 megapixels now. That is going to give me very clean looking images that really focus on detail. These cameras have all the features that expensive cameras do as well. They have moving image stabilization,  HDR, auto focus, and pretty much everything you could imagine that is in an extremely nice camera.

We hope you liked our post that we had to share with you today and please stay tuned for more that we will be bringing you soon.

How to get the best photo of a home

Nice house

Tonight we are going to be talking to you about how to get the best pictures of real estate. You can actually make a very good career in shooting pictures for real estate and things like that.  Some realtors will pay good money for great photos of the houses they’re trying to sell. That is where they need you to come into the picture and help them out.  In this post we are going to be teaching you about the best tactic you can use to get the best shots of the place.

Taking photos of a home is a little bit different as you want to make sure they are very detailed and they catch all of the great things about the house. You aren’t just going to be taking pictures of the outside. You’re also going to be taking pictures of the inside of the home as well.

Things you can do to make the home look amazing in a picture

Have a good camera-a lot of times these days, taking a good picture is all about having a very high-quality camera in hand. Do you want to make sure that the camera you’re using is top of the market. Because the one with the highest megapixels is going to catch all of the details in the shot. How did your camera has less to do when you’re doing pictures of people and landscapes.  When you’re shooting homes, you want to make sure that it is as crisp and professional as possible. You are going for the magazine type of look here.

Make sure the home is clean-if you are taking pictures of the inside of the house you want to make sure that everything is completely moved out and clean. You want to make sure that you are getting the best shot possible and with clutter in the way it is not going to look good. The camera will focus too much on the small objects and take the detail away from the large one which is the house. Do you need something for people to focus on which will be the home itself.  If there are a bunch of things scattered all over the house, people are going to be fixated on those objects.  If you are shooting a shot from the outside, you want to make sure that it is well cleaned up and looks like a new home again.

The lighting-you want to make sure that the lighting is the right time of day especially if you’re taking an outside shot. Indoors, this is not much of an issue because you can just turn on a light, but it has always been shown to work better during mid-day.  If the lighting is just slightly off, then it is not going to bring out the best features of the home. You don’t want white glaring into the camera so that it takes picture quality off of the house itself. The times of day that we recommend you take a picture of a house on the outside is in the early morning or late in the evening when the sun is just coming up we’re going down. This is going to give you just enough light to get a decent picture of the home but it is not going to be glaring into the camera.

Those are our tips for how to take the best picture of a home. Make sure to follow those three things and you will be just fine. We also recommend that you go ahead and take a look at http://www.hgtv.com/design/real-estate/take-better-real-estate-photos for more information.

Tips on how to shoot the perfect picture

Hello everybody and into days post we are going to be talking to you about how to take the best picture possible.  There are many factors that going to play when you were taking a picture and you want to make sure that you are following some of these basic things we are about to tell you when you are taking a picture.  A picture can be easily messed up if it is taken in the wrong way. A wrong type of message could be sent from the picture you were trying to take.

The tips to taking the perfect picture

  1. Lighting–  this is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to taking a picture because lighting is everything. If you have bad lighting, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have because you’ll never be able to get a good image on anything. We do not recommend using a flash for this because of flash does not get very good light on things. We recommend that you either have a good natural light in the shot or you have stage lights set up. If you’re outside you want to make sure that it is a good time of day preferably at dusk. At dusk in the summer time would be around 7 o’clock at night and that lighting brings out the perfect shadows.  One thing we noticed is that  if you try to take a picture in broad daylight during the middle of the day, then it is very hard to have the light not glare in the camera.  When you are indoors you want to make sure that you have some decent stage lighting set up that is that good angles to show good three-dimensional proportion in your body or whatever object it is you’re trying to take a picture of.
  2.  Proper angles-you want to make sure that you are shooting your  pictures from very good angles that allow the lighting to come in proportionately. Preferably from an angle that is from the side or diagonal to the object of focus. When you are straightforward, not very good light gets caught in the camera to give good contours to the object.  If you shoot from a low angle or something that is a little bit more obscure that shows good lighting, then it is going to bring out the three-dimensional structure of the object you’re taking a picture of.  There is a lot to a picture when it comes to angles and lighting, a lot more than you would think.
  3.  A good background-this is something that has more to do with taking a picture outside. Most of the time when you’re taking a picture it is better that you take it outside because not only does it show that you’re doing something, but it also gives a good  landscape.  A good landscape in the backdrop will let you stand out and make you look like more of a fun person. In some photos you can even blur out the background which makes the picture look very authentic and amazing. There are just so many different choices of landscapes and backgrounds that you can choose from in the open world. A perfect background for a picture of a person would be  an empty wheat field at dusk. That would give perfect lighting of you to bring out the best contours in your body and face and then the beautiful Wheatfield with the oak tree in the background would complement you so well.

That is our post about how to take the perfect picture. There are many  Poor little tricks that you can use to take even better pictures and we will share those with you in later posts. Make sure to stay tuned on a daily basis to see what we have in store for you guys. If you have not read our very first blog post too, we recommend that you do.

We also want to give a shoutout to https://www.shutterfly.com/how-to-take-the-perfect-photo/ for inspiring us to make this post.

Also, look at this video that shows you how to take the best photo as well.

Paul Smith’s images


Welcome to’s Paul Smith images which is a local photographer  in the city of Portland Oregon. We have been in the city for many years now offering the greatest looking pictures around. We take pictures of absolutely every event that you could possibly imagine. In this plug blog we are going to be sharing photos that we have taken from certain places and events and sharing our experiences. We are a blog that wants to inspire new and upcoming photographers to follow their passion and get out there. It is very important to have photographers because we need people to record all of the precious  memories that people have.  A picture is the absolute best way to record a memory because it provides a direct image of what was going on. A story works very well that is written, but there is nothing like a picture. With the advancement in today’s technology as well, it has never become easier to become a photographer. It is actually a very good career you can get into as if you become well known it can provide you with quite an awesome life.

We hope that what we share in the future can bring inspiration to the young souls who read this blog. So if you are looking for The number one photography blog on the Internet, then you have come to the right place. Please come back to us daily as we will be posting articles every day.

Please take a chance to look at this video that explains how to take the right picture as well.